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Monday, October 06, 2003

Strange things happening around Sun

Recently, while I was hearing about Java Desktop Environment taking over Windows, now I hear the news of Sun all in crashes.

Eric S. Raymond, writing at Newsforge, says "inside Sun, I hear that talent is bailing out of the company because they just don't believe the Solaris-will-prevail story management is peddling."

"The real question is twofold," he muses, then asks rhetorically: "Can OpenOffice.org survive without Sun, and where will Java land?"

Here is ESR's own answer". "Probably not at Microsoft; with C# in the picture, it is unlikely that Microsoft even wants to own Java any more. I have to guess that IBM is the most likely to shoulder both technologies, simply because nobody else is really positioned to do it. But that, of course, raises other worries -- is it really good for [the open source community] if IBM has a lead position in everything?"

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