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Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Remember, you are searching for Weapons and not Saddam!

I dont know, how people are obeying a person like Bush. I think, the soliders who went there to catch him and wage war. cared only about their daily food/money and little fame. Not the heroics of war or bravery.
Are american soliders waging the war at Iraq brave? bullshit.

No one is standing up for himself sometimes I feel. The media is cheating us. I dont know what the truth is and who is right? It seems will take me ages to find what the problem is.

But what these few rich and powerful americans are demonstrating is, be powerful ( extremely powerful) and then do whatever you like because you are seeing the world and others are not seeing it.

On the day Saddam, was captured I took some refuge in writings of Noam Chomsky. But I dunno how and when these high/moral theories be translated to practicals.
Is power only the practical game? If we look at things, most times, it seems that , it is.

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