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Thursday, February 05, 2004

agp0: trying to bind to stolen memory.

This should be helpful in understanding this issue:
- shall try it out and post the results later.

Had the following discussion, which helped me get to this.

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[senthil_or] Hi posted at linux-testers.[drm:i830_wait_ring] *ERROR* lockup
--] JerryDinh (JerryDinh@33f0f94f.23fa4838.amer.dell.com) has joined #linux
[mdomsch] senthil_or: saw it, no idea
[mdomsch] I had something similar on [= RHL8 with my Latitude C400
[mdomsch] but was fixed with newer DRM and XFree in RHL9
[mdomsch] RHEL3 should be fine in that regard.
[senthil_or] Nope, I am using RH3 but still getting it constantly
[senthil_or] Matt,one more thing. This is another problem X11 , posted here http://snipurl.com/4ax0
[senthil_or] have got any pointers ?
[mdomsch] Red Hat XFree86 SRPM?
[mdomsch] They may well have something in there to address this which hasn't made it upstream yet.
[senthil_or] the question at google groups ( usenet) related to Xfree86 latest failing when used with Freebsd but Fedora/RH worked fine
[senthil_or] agp0: trying to bind to stolen memory was the error, unable to figure out how to resolve
[mdomsch] yeah, I read it.
[mdomsch] "stolen memory" is system RAM being used by the video adapter as video memory
[mdomsch] some is reserved by the BIOS at boot time, but generally only 1MB
[mdomsch] which isn't enough for most video modes
[mdomsch] So the i830 X driver needs to "steal" more (16MB or more)
[mebrown] 855patch.tar.gz
[mdomsch] in the SRPM?
[senthil_or] ok..i see
[mebrown] i have D500. google for 855patch. it lets you set the amount of ram to use.
[senthil_or] Yeah, got the link - It offers good explaination of whats happend. Shall Try that. Thanks Matt!! :)
[mdomsch] thank mebrown

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