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Friday, February 20, 2004

Code Named Longhorn

I presented a Tech Ed today at Office on Longhorn. Had been hearing much about this.
Interesting concepts indeed from Microsoft. Everyone now knows about WinFS, the Hype which it has created around.
Came to know that there will be Inbuilit CD/DVD burner software with OS. Sparkle a Flash Killer application.
Integrated Search for Computer as well as Internet.
3D desktop. Lots of Jargons were there. Longhorn at MSDN and Longhorn SDK Docsprovided a good information.
Also got a Monad Presentation which was delivered in the PDC. ( Monad is a ksh/sh Object Oriented Shell)

But look out for Fritz Chip - the Cyrptoprocessor , Hardware level security features coming up.

Hope this information does not serve any marketing purpose but rather interests you in the concepts.

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