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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Need Gmail

Need Gmail Invitation?

Let me know, I shall send the invitation to your email id.


GREG said...

Hey Senthil,

I would highly appreciate a gmail invitation.



Anonymous said...

i need a gmail acount pronto

VillageIdiot said...

May I have a gmail invite, please? All I have is one hotmail account, 2 megabytes of space is really not enough for anything anymore. I would very deeply appreciate it if you could give me one. Thank You.

micheloblight88 said...

If you could be kind enough to send me a invite i would really appreciate it. I deleted some reports i emailed myself for school cause i need to mantain my space on yahoo. my email address is electran88@yahoo.com

Thank you whoever is reading this and can find it in their heart to send me an invite

Anonymous said...

I would Very much like a Gmail account, my email is m_garisto@hotmail.com.

That would make the day of myself cause i have been searching the net for months.


Andres said...

Please I need gmail to send mail to the university at home, please, thank you, I' no speak english very well, I' speak spanish, please send invitation.

Sumspy said...

Yeah, not much to say other than I need a GMAIL account. I have two email accounts, one at hotmail and one at yahoo, so send one to whichever you want to


Anonymous said...

I would Very much like a Gmail account
My addres is Dextor_88@hotmail.com

I've been looking for ages on the web, but i can't seem to get one. If you could give me one, i will be forever greatfull.


Mariana Volkova said...

Hi hi...
Could you send me an invitation plz...
I can even send you back an invitation back if I get one from google...
Thank you in advance man!

vj said...

hey plzz i beg u send me a invitation please i need it please please
send me invitation : crazyvijay@msn.com
Thank You

Anonymous said...

hello Senthil, how r u? may i have an invitation of Gmail? please please please Senthil, send me an invitation. i'll be grateful to u always...
my email address is hello_lolz@hotmail.com
please Senthil send me one...
take care

signumX said...

hi if you still have invites left i would really like one, thanks in advance badasp@hotmail.com