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Friday, June 25, 2004

Presentation was fine

Had planned for a demo and missed that completely. I think that could be a unreason of un-satisfaction , together with still not an expertise in Linux.

Here are the slides.


Kannappan said...

Wasnt impressed with the presentation. Frankly, Dint learn much new things. Though I had a lot of questions to ask on the basics.

But the slide design is very good. The Site is also very good. Appreciate the designing ability. And those 8 Queens very good. Good thoughts.

phoe6 said...

yeah, there was a lotta of un-satisfaction in me as well. But it just went through...

Kannaps, if possible just try with secure communication. The things are really simple, but they are very interesting.
only once I have had an actual secure communication with an outside fella and it was really interesting.

Thanks for your comments.