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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Applying for a Passport

Bangalore seems to have got a good Internet System.
Just completed the Registration at kar.nic.in/passport
(Downloaded the Forms also from there)

The Internet Reference No. : I02257

Took a Photo as well from Whizz located at JeevanBhimanar, the number given was LSZ No.0137089. Phone number of the shop is 30612026


phoe6 said...

me again.
Could not go.coz there was a week long linux training and had not prepared the other documents.

Submitted again.
Internet Reference No. : I04628

The office is is MG Road, so it will be possible for me to go anytime and hopefully I will be soon.

phoe6 said...

Would like to say not again, but unfortunate.
Still not submitted:
1) New Internet Reference Number is I07110
2) Need to take copies of Photograph.

phoe6 said...

Success at Last.After 3 trials.
I have submitted by application and the key No:6502401404

phoe6 said...

The reference Number is : A02401404

I need to contact my local police guys

phoe6 said...

Got a call from the jeevan bhima nagar police station, should contact -22942543