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Friday, August 06, 2004


If you have been using Google Deskbar, you ofcourse know, how useful and how handy it is. Three Cheers to Google again.
And as Linux user, I have always wanted such thing for my box.

when looking for some muttrc files, stumbled upon this excellent home page of Telsa,her config files are really cool and helpful a lot.
Therein I got the link to Googlizer
written by her husband Alan Cox.

Googlizer is very easy to set up and when on X, if you have to google for any term, just highlight using your mouse and and click on the Googlizer in the panel, your default browser will openup with the search.

Mozilla/Firefox already have a right button menu for searching Google for the highlighed term (Good thing), but Googlizer extends this to all applications under X, for example I open a man page over gnome-terminal and would like search google for some term in it, then I would just highlight then and press Googlizer :) Yo

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