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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Re: FOLDOC entry to edit: [Matt : new definition]

Linux Loader

({LILO}) A versatile {bootloader} for
{Linux}, which does not depend on specific {filesystem} and
can {boot} an {operating system}, specifically {kernel image},
from {floppy disks} and {hard disks}. LILO can even be used as
the {master boot record}.

At the system boot, only the {BIOS} {Drivers} are available
for LILO to access hard disks.For this reason,in very old
BIOSes, the accessible area is limited to the cylinders 0 to
1023 of the first two hard disks.For later BIOSes,LILO can use
32-bit {logical block addressing} to acccess the entire range
allowed by the BIOS.

{Grub} is another bootloader widely used in Linux systems.

(LILO Home Page (http://lilo.go.dyndns.org/).


---------- End of Definition -----------------------

Hi Denis,
How are you doing? Hope you are doing well.

That was the LILO entry for FOLDOC.

And I am ready to take the next.

Kudos and keep your good work going.


O.R.Senthil Kumaran
Engineer, Dell Product Group
OpenManage Product Test

Denis Howe wrote:

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>From: Matt
>To: Denis Howe , Matt
>Subject: new definition
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>Sender: Denis Howe
>Date: Mon, 05 Jan 2004 20:20:24 +0000
>new definition
>Linux Loader (or Lilo)
>I have found a new definition.
>LILO - The Linux Loader
> >From the LILO README:
>LILO is a versatile boot loader for Linux. It does not depend on a
>specific file system, can boot Linux kernel images from floppy disks
>and hard disks, and can even boot other operating systems. One of up
>to sixteen differernt images can be selected at boot time. Various
>parameters, such as the root device, can be set indepenantly for each
>kernel. LILO can even be used as the master boot record.
>------- End of forwarded message -------
>Denis Howe
>Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing

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