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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Enjoy Armagetron!

After a long time I played Armagetron again.
Highly enjoyable game and recommended to all!!
In case you are having problems compiling in Fedora Core 2, follow these comments in this bug.

In this game, you ride a lightcycle around the game grid. You can only make sharp turns of 90 degrees and a wall constantly builds up after you. Make your enemies crash into your wall, but be aware that they are trying to do the same to you. Only if you are fast enough, you may be able to trap them; but the only way to speed up your lightcycle is to drive close to the dangerous walls. Prepare for exciting strategic preparations followed by action-packed close combat!


Kannappan said...

Hey I Read in Time Mag that the Koreans are the most addicted to computer games and spend a lot of money on high tech goods. Bytheby Samsung the South korean company is the most profitable technology company in the world.

Some trivial info.....
Few months back I had gone to Amoeba Bowling Centre just to have a look as to whats goinn on in there.....and found some north eastern guys who were dancing inside. Their dance steps were actually competing with a machine in the Video Games section. That was a pretty new sight to me. :) Each guy clicks start and starts dancing in particular step and at a particular speed. I guess that the points keep increasing based on factors like Correctness and Speed When the step goes wrong or when he doesnt match the speed he gets out or something like that.

So like Bowling machines used by batsmen to practice batting , these dancing machines help in perfecting the dance steps.....in ways that are intresting and amusing

Kannappan said...

"The book [I wrote recently] is The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the 21st Century and the Six Days That Flattened the Earth. Suffice to say that what I learnt in Bangalore is what triggered the whole book. Holy mackerel, 500 years after Columbus sailed over the horizon to tell us the world was round, the world is being flattened, the playing field is being flattened. A group of Indian game designers like Dhruva -- who is featured in the Discovery-Times documentary -- bunch of 20-something kids, can compete in the game business using Google, Microsoft NetMeeting, and various computer-aided design programs, to do game designs all over the world. The world is being flattened. Knowledge centres anywhere in the world can compete, and that's like really cool. I think it's a great time for India, it's a great moment, but if you do it all right. "

- Thomas L Friedman, NYT