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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Soul of Dell

Some news reports about my co. Interesting to highlight would be Michaels and Kevins nature.

In contrast to large industrial-age companies that struggle to adapt to the demands of today's competitive environment, Dell was naturally lean, fast and entrepreneurial. These were the desired attributes of a large high-performance company in a high-speed and unpredictable business world. This spared Dell the pain and disruption of a major downsizing and restructuring as it dealt with change in its corporate culture.

These qualities are also exemplified in the behavior of the company's founder. At 38, Dell is still a young man; in person, his affable and informal manner makes him seem younger yet, and more approachable than other leaders of multibillion-dollar concerns. Leading by example, he shows how much he personally values collaborative management and communication styles. Dell has historically shared the executive suite with a strong second-in-command. Before Rollins, there was Mort Topfer, who applied his experience building Motorola's cell phone business to help refine Dell's direct sales model in the 1990s; and before Mr. Topfer, Lee Walker, an East Coast entrepreneur, helped run Dell and take the company public in 1988.

And about the Soul of Dell Intiative,by Kevin.

"It's hard enough to train a dog, let alone a human being, let alone an organization, to behave in a certain way," says James O'Toole, a research professor in the Center for Effective Organizations at the University of Southern California, himself an author of dozens of books on leadership and culture change.

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