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Friday, October 15, 2004

Getting Involved with SourceForge

Few good things I like about Open Source and Free Software projects is their open development(code esp),freedom and welcome to all nature.

One of my friend Murugan was asking some information about testing and I introduced him to SourceForge and asked him to choose a project and get involved.
We spent sometime looking at the projects there and found a good one in PowerFolder.
It was interesting to check his first entry to this kind of OpenSource world yesterday. Kudos Murugan! Keep going, I shall try to accompany,keep track and discuss with you the projects you choose.

Whenever I have had technical or project related discussions with my friends,juniors from college or sis,I have asked them to check with sourceforge and give some thoughts.

...learnt few interesting things(so far) with Nanoblogger(Thanks Kevin!For a mention in credits,I was really amazed :),armagetron, futile try so far to get involved with elmo.,some Code snippets at Sarovar and ofcourse Uthcode :)

If you have involved with any of the OpenSource/Free Software projects,kindly drop me a line(or comment) I would like to check with the project you are in.

If you have not yet checked with any FOSS(Free Open Source Software)project and wish to involve,its like get started now and happy hacking/testing/fixing/documenting/*!


sajith said...

Hmm, why no mention of savannah? As a pinko GNU commie, I protest!

phoe6 said...

Oops Sajith. I am very sorry.
The first place I stumbled across elmo was at Savannah only, but lead me to sf.net page and from then its like I have been visiting this rather than checking savannah ( coz its more frequently updated than savannah)
thanks for pointing out,my other friends, will notice this and get the info well, I shall also keep this in mind :).
Yeah Gnudude, I would like to know the little little projects you have contributed to. JFS Translator for HURD was very interesting indeed and also your bewolf cluster. (bewolf still lingering in my mind, hurd ,I admit that I have not tried it and not able to realize its nature :( Arky had mailed about K7 CDs to fsug-bangalore, I shallcheck with him soon.

sajith said...

Hey, no big deal.

Hmm, I need a machine and a quiet place to sit down to start something. Don't know when, but I'm trying to be at peace with the life I have right now. Hacking something would be definitely wonderful, but life isn't something that should revolve around computers alone, IMHO :)

You're learning salsa?

phoe6 said...

Yeah Salsa classses are going fine with Saju,Gagan et al.
Saju's new car is also cool.
humm, about some phisophical Q, I think I am poor at it yaar :)

Anonymous said...

Dance class in full swing. BTW, senthil is an expert in Swing. :)