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Friday, October 08, 2004

Marketing by Volunteers - Spread FireFox

This is an interesting concept which has struct up.Mozilla team came up with a Wonderful Product and is now inviting Volunteers to do the marketing of the Product.

Yup, Spreading FireFox!

How do you do the Market it?

Using FireFox Email Signatures,using FireFox buttons and Posters in your homepage and ofcourse there is this word-of-mouth advertising which is the best form ever. Blogs are making this as online word-of-mouth advertising.

Apart from this, there are Posters developed by community which you can print out and paste it at places where you can catch Junta's attention.

And there is whole lot of things at SpreadFirefox.

I,for one encourage you to use itGet Firefox! as it is good product and if you wish to Join the marketing team, click here.

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