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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Swadesh. we the people

Need to realize the problem within us, get interested , fight it. Solve it.

Kudos to you Aushutosh Gowarikar.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome movie..one that actually makes sense...than the love story / hollywood copied-thrillers /dishum-dishum's..
it's a movie ' NOT for the front-benchers' and karan johar or david dhawan / bappi lahri fans...or constant humming in the backgound for 3 hours-runnin-around trees-and-playing-with-snow-dancing-on-the-streets - movie.

makes you really think what you can do for your country, instead of critisizing and making visits every couple of yrs. and sending money to loved ones.

"development is a collective effort" - save for your future and care for other's too.

be proud of who you are. peace!

that's my 2 cents.