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Monday, January 10, 2005

Finished reading Five Point Someone

Well, it should have not taken so long to read it full. But had got that book when I was not in touch with reading books.
Had met Manish at one of our BLUG meets and he had that book, I kindda wondered what this new book was and was looking through it. Just expected not another kind of "Count your eggs before they chicken" kindda crap. I have not read those, but really dont like to. Dont know why. Perhaps try to read them some time :)
But Manish's review was, if you have enjoyed Dil Chata Hai, you might like this as well and he offered to lend this book to me to read. I am sorry Manish it took this long and I have not met you next time.

Lot of friends seem to enjoyed this one. Indeed it was. Gowri is having this, shall check with zulfi and pass on to him a copy if he has not one already.


Ramesh said...

I am also, thinking of reading that. Probably I've to check in the lending libraries of Adyar here.

phoe6 said...

Hi Ramesh, better get hold of copy yourself.It costs only 95/- and you will be sharing it with lot of friends of yours after reading it for sure :)