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Monday, January 31, 2005

Vaishnov Jan

Vaishnov Jan to taynay kahyeeye
Jay peerh paraaye janneyray
Par dukkhey upkar karey teeyey,
man abhiman na anney ray

Sakal lokma Sahuney bandhey,
Ninda Na karye kainee ray
Baach kaachh, Man nischal Raakhey,
dhan-dhan jananee tainee ray

Samdrishi nay trishna tyagee,
par-stree jaynay mat ray
Vivihva thaki asatya na bolay,
par-dhan nav jhaley haath ray

Moh maaya vyaayey nahin Jeynay,
dridth vairagya jana manma ray
Ram-nam-shoom taalee laagee,
Sakal teerth seyna tanma ray

Vanloohee nay kapat rahit chhay,
Kaam, Krodh nivarya ray
Bhane Narsinhyo tainoo darshan karta
kul ekotair taarya re.


A godlike man is one,
Who feels another’s pain
Who shares another’s sorrow,
And pride does disdain.

Who regards himself as the lowliest of the low,
Speaks not a word of evil against any one
One who keeps himself steadfast in words, body and mind,
Blessed is the mother who gives birth to such a son.

Who looks upon everyone as his equal and has renounced lust,
And who honours women like he honours his mother
Whose tongue knows not the taste of falsehood till his last breath,
Nor covets another’s worldly goods.

He does not desire worldly things,
For he treads the path of renunciation
Ever on his lips is Rama’s holy name,
All places of pilgrimage are within him.

One who is not greedy and deceitful,
And has conquered lust and anger
Through such a man Saint Narsaiyon has a godly vision,
Generations to come, of such a man, will attain salvation


Ramesh said...

Do you consider Gandhi as one such "god like man". From my little knowledge I would not. Such a god like man should be impartial to all living beings. He should not ask one group to bear the cruelty done on them by another group, while asking them to remain as brothers. I would say he was a little hypocritic on that.

phoe6 said...

Yes,Gandhi had a constant quest for God and truth and tried to realize it in his lifetime.
Keeping quite and impartial would have made him like a preacher.

Ramesh said...

I too think Gandhi searched for truth. But, he was not perfect. He was quite short but still above the rest. He was not enlightened to be a true god-like man like Jesus, Buddha. He just wanted to search truth in the world based on his beliefs. I personally believe he was quite short visioned in one or two odd cases and that reflected in his decisions.

He was not accepting the results of his stand. He did not wanted to accept responsibility. If he can't ask the rebels to stay quiet, why did he supported them in the first case.

Still, he was better than the rest. Anyway, he was good soul who tried to become great but slipped in the process a few times. But those slips have cost us dear.