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Monday, February 28, 2005

Jef Raskin passes away

I remember we have shared much about Jef at hexadeicmals and I have stumbled and amazed at his site and amazed by his UI related thoughts more than once.
I was totally surprised when, when I had heard about The Humane Interface Project from this Master creator of Machintosh and the real surprise was the project was hosted at SourceForge and Jef invited others whoever cared to Join this. Boy, thats a master coding his creation and you got to be careful with the invitation.
Came to know later that Jef got $20 millon to develop the project and thought that, his work and dream is not going vain and he's got some support, would be quickening his effort and we could probably see something new when its ready..

but today... Alas!

With Respect, thanks Jef for the UI advances and GUI breakthroughs.

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