Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Matt Domsch

Matt is one of my hero. One of the great guys I have come across and an inspirational figure.
Felt very excited when I realized that he knew me. I felt wow and very happy.


Ramesh said...

That must feel very good. How did he knew you? By linux forums outside work or insider information?

phoe6 said...

Inside. we have lots of mailing lists and an IRC as well. At IRC, I am under the pseudonym TinTin. I offered a DCC chat and when I said:"Greetings mdomsch!" and Matt replied,before I formally introduced. "Good day, Senthil!". :-) I felt elated.
Yeah, I have conversed with him a lot. (so does everyone who needs to understand something related with linux at dell)

Ramesh said...

Now, thats a great work culture. Catching up a guru live is really impressive.