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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Re: [quiznet] I.T Quiz

1) Mozilla firefox (the fandu open source web browser ) also known
earlier as phoenix and Mozilla firebird was made by two computer geeks
. pls name them ?

Blake Ross and Ben Goodger

2 Name the new search engine started by amozon.com ? (I want the site name)


3) Name the founder and company name from which google purchased blogger.com

Evan Williams and Pyra Labs

4) With response to Google news Microsoft has also started a news
service will let visitors create their own customised news feeds ,
name the service ?

M$ Newsbot

5) Two big giants started mass production of E-paper , can u name them ?

Xerox PARC and Lucent

6) Name the code name of the mozilla firefox 1.1 and give the funda
behind the nomenclature of other version .

Deer Park. Funda behind nomenclature could not find.

7) Macintosh had done some change in its configuration to promote mouse
. What ???

GUI, Right Click Menu?


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1 comment:

phoe6 said...

dave hyatt and blake ross were the first ppl involved in making mozilla . while the current lead developer is ben goodger

deer park , the code name have been derived from actual roadmap of journey from california to phoenix , recall 1.O was named Phoenix , while earlier version were from suburbs of auckland (newzealand ) such as three kings , royal oak as ben goodger grew up in auckland.

Macintosh had done some change in its configuration to promote mouse . What ???

It removed the up ยช down « , right ¨ , left © keys