Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Its been said that the First World War was chemist's war,because mustard gas and chlorine were employed for the first time, and that the Second World War was the physicist's war,because the atom bomb was detonated. Similarly, it has been argued that the Third World War would be the mathematician's war, because mathematicians will have control over the next great weapon of war - information.

Started with a good book...


Anonymous said...

The mathematicians already played a significant part in WW2 I suppose. ENIGMA is what comes to my mind.

I've found a good place to a quote I remember.

"I don't know with what the world war three will be fought but world war four will be fought with sticks and stones"

- Albert Einstein

Ramesh said...

Thats me as anonymous. Last nite, bugger Opera did not allow me to login to blogger from comments page.

phoe6 said...

I had thought it was kannaps. as he talks about enigma a lot.
But, all the more, your comment was a wonderful addage :)