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Sunday, April 24, 2005


Two hardware problems were in my mind before I slept. It did not trouble me though.
One was iPod suffle light blinking red-yellow on pressing any button and no play of songs. Wondered what had happened. Did I dosomething wrong when disconnecting? Any USB related issue traveled from my comp to ipod? Well, decided let me figure out tommorow and left it.
Went home, saw a burn kind of display around my monitor. The lower right corner was faded. whats happened here.? Carried on and did not much bother and slept.
Morning reconnected everything with the computer. Reset stuffs and booted up, Noticed the same again.Showed this to Karthick and while we were talking about that. I switched off the monitor completely using its switch and then switched back again.
Now it is proper!. left it. Hey Monitor are you ageing? barely you are 2 years old man!

Ipod suffle: googled for ipod shuffled troubleshooting.
The same symptoms were present. Noticed something that iPod shuffle songs were not being shown my.
Previously I had cleaned iTunes Playlist to remove all teh songs and was adding songs in small quantities.
This way I had cleaned the Library.
Ipod shuffle reference card showed that for error kind of behaviour, load songs or reset Ipod.
The problem was detected. Load Songs.
How did it go?
well, I and iTunes sync with iPod and when I had connected it for charging, it had synced with iTunes Library (which is empty).
So thats it, Now playing " September Matham.September Matham.. Valzhvin thunbattai tholaithu vittom "...

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