Saturday, October 08, 2005

tried new default apps with linux

Happened to try a lot of new Linux apps today. Basically it started with ripping the Swades CD Songs using the Sound Juicer to Ogg format.
Now Ogg happens to be something which most of the linux multimedia application should understand, so Helix Player played it. Helix does not have a playlist kind of facilty. So, tried if any other application can player this, my often wondered question of why the hell totem-player is present in the distro was answer as it played Ogg without requiring any external plugin :D Btw, thats sound,I have not seen a video yet on Totem.

We often use the mount command to mount a particular windows share on Linux:

mount -t smbfs -o username=<username>,password=<password> //<server-ip>/share /media/<mount-point>

And have always struggled with Connect to Server option presented by the Gnome Nautilus.
Tried it again today. But gave only the following:
- Service Type: Windows Share
- Server: IP
- Username
And Connect. And it established the connection. Had so long tried in vain with providing share name,folder, name to use blah blah blah..
mount command always seemed to require a second level directory, so I was always trying giving the share name in the Connect to server dialog box.

Now after the smb connection, that network share comes as an Icon in the Computer as well in Desktop. Thats become easy.

What else: Yeah, rhn applet was constantly blinking. Which I have no requirement for as I am over Fedora Core4. (Why is Fedora Distro carrying rhn applet??) So, I did.

rpm -e up2date-4.4.23-4 up2date-gnome-4.4.23-4 rhn-org-trusted-ssl-cert-1.0-1 rhnlib-1.8-6.p24.1 rhn-applet-2.1.17-3 firstboot-1.3.42-1.noarch

Now its clean.

Yeah, used Dia too effectively.

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