Thursday, October 20, 2005


its fun! like when you are using VC++ and you are so used to and like vim, then you want your vim as an editor whereever any editing function is needed.
yeah. Go to your Windows installation of vim. (You dont use it? Hey, get it now at and start using it. In a year or so, you might start appreciating it). yeah coming back, go to your windows installation of vim, which had OLE enabled and read the file called README_VisVim.txt. It gives the directions as how to integrate vim as an editor to your visual studio.
Found it One way. Debug mode is not possible. Big miss. Visual Commands are not recognized. But found a link in web to come around this. ( have not tried it) And the vim editor stands out of the IDE, it does not embed itself into the visual studio framework.
After you enable it as your editor, basically you can disable it with a hot-key and return to the normal editor, toggle its usage, after the debugging is over, you can load it again to vim using some hot keys. that readme explains them well.

So, I just started with both. Vim has lot to go :) getting to start liking it,what might take to go more into it! :D

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