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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake

Check for the Infomation and news here.

Calling for some Immediate Action:

Large amounts of humanitarian aid are needed due to widespread damage to infrastructure, food and water shortages and economic damage to the fishing and tourism industries. Epidemics are of special concern, as they are highly likely due to the high population density and tropical climate of the affected areas. The United Nations has stated that the largest relief operation in history is underway.

The overwhelming concern of humanitarian and government agencies is to quickly identify and bury the dead before they become a health issue and contribute to the spread of diseases such as cholera, diphtheria, dysentery and typhoid. Other high priorities are delivery of medical supplies and personnel to overwhelmed hospitals and clinics, tent shelters and clothing to people who have lost their houses and belongings, and potable water. Many usual sources of water were spoiled either by salt water, broken by the force of the tsunami, or contaminated with bodies of dead people or livestock, requiring water purification equipment or trucking potable water into the affected region. (Information from wikipedia)

These are the following sites which are accepting donations for relief efforts:

The Hindu Relief Fund
(Accepting Online Donation using CreditCard)

Indian Prime Ministers Relief Fund

Tamil Nadu Cheif Ministers Relief Fund



nick3131 said...

Awesome graphic.

Horrible catastrophie :(

Virender Sharma said...

Lets help all with our full potential. Its difficult to help these people in person, so money is the only thing we can help them with. God Bless All.