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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

FireFox Extension Idea

I select a portion of the website, which has lots of links and choose to
open the links as tabs.
All the links should open as in the multiple tabs.

I guess this would help me while reading slashdot and similar sites
which has lots of hyperlinks.


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Kannappan said...
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Ramesh said...

I think I have read about a download manager which does exactly the way you've given i.e. downloading all the contents/links (and its contents) of a target....mmmmmm.... where...... is it in The Hindu, in the articiles of Murali, who writes the NetSpeak column?

I am not sure. Let me post, if I get across anything.

Kannappan said...

Thanks for that info Ramesh.

phoe6 said...

>>Downloading a whiole set of links

wget ?
But not under highlight mode;It will download all the links in the page. I guess printers also support wherein you can set properties to print the hyperlinked documents if the page has any.

As I imagine,using elinks and numberings the links and passing numbers to wget in the download will accomplish this purpose.

phoe6 said...

Linky has it!