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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Some Refreshing Quiz

She once famously said, “I'm just like a menu for my male fans. They look but they can't afford me.” Featured in a famous ad campaign for a sports product that had an even more famous tagline, she found herself embarrassed by a nude fan who sported the tagline on a placard and streaked into one of her matches. Who is this fading beauty?

Anna Kournikova  The ad was a campaign for a sports bra and the tagline went, “Only the balls bounce.

She was the winner of the 1999 Sony Viewers’ Choice Miss India Award. Her debut in Bollywood was tagged with a contractual obligation which prevented her from signing any other movie until the date of release of the movie.The director of the movie offered this as explanation – “If she signs up another movie, the makers might want to flash her in minis. Now that doesn't necessarily suit the character of _____ that I'm trying to present in the film.”  She was seen on the idiot box in a show called ‘Close Up Antakshari’ along with Annu Kapoor.Who are we talking about?

Gayatri Joshi (Swades)

A stunning Assamese beauty, she defies the model norm by expressing a fondness for Mathematics and solving puzzles during breaks in shows. Known at one time as possessing the ‘best pout’ in the country, she had fair success on the small screen through the Gabbar Remix video with Nirmal Pandey. Which stunner?

Namrata Barua

She has been chosen to endorse the Arisia range of diamonds and was the first Indian politician to be included in the Guinness Book of Records for ‘Margin of victory.’ Who are we talking about?

Gayatri Devi, who once made it to a list of the Ten Most Beautiful Women in the World.

She was responsible for bringing the first Apple Macintosh into India. However, she has seen days when obtaining a font in 3D meant cutting it out in wood, painting it and then photographing it. Her company was responsible for the brand building of the Himalayan Drug Company and MTR Food Products. Who are we talking about?

"The Real Salute" is a ten minute long documentary about whom?

Kiran Bedi

This lady held the title of Most Powerful Business woman every year since fortune magazine began it's annual list of most powerful women in business in 1998.But this year she was beaten for the top slot by e-Bays' Meg Whitman. Who's she?

Carly Fiorina

The British Royal Mint in Wales, U.K. released a new coin series honoring a particular movie which had 48 deifferent coins all showing different charachters from the movie. The values ranged from 50 cents to 10 dollars and they can be used for real money in New Zealand. Now u have to tell me which movie and why this particular favor for new zealand?


For every 1% growth in China's GDP, Indian exports fall by?

0.13%. Three international economists conducted this piece of research. The research found that the more a country's exports are composed of intermediate and capital goods, the less affected that country is by Chinese exports.



Ramesh said...

That one was interesting. Good for a second read too. I thought of asking this two days before, who is the lady who introduced 'Macintosh' to India?

Anonymous said...

Join fan club of Gayatri Joshi (Geeta of Swades) from this link here: http://movies.groups.yahoo.com/group/Gayatri-Joshi-Fan-Club

Cut and paste it or click it which ever is suitable for you and then join the fan club. We have many pictures of GJ and comments on her.