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Thursday, March 10, 2005

jwz's censorZilla

Never thought programming can be so much fun.

ns/config/mkdepend/include.c                     /* only bitch if ip has */
ns/include/allxpstr.h /* This SUCKS!! */
ns/iclude/bkmks.h defined in ntypes.h, and some compilers bitch and moan about seeing it
ns/include/libevent.h * until necessary. Yow, there is a lot of shit in here now
ns/include/proto.h * this shit shouldn't have to exist anyways.
ns/include/xp_mcom.h /* this sucks, should I really include this here or what? *?
ns/js/jsj/jsjava.c /* XXX extremely fucking lame - there should be security */
ns/js/jsj/makefile.com #// Win16 Sucks so BAD!!!
ns/js/src/jsapi.c if (nbytes == 0) /*DSR072897 - this sucks, but Microsoft allows it!*/
ns/lib/layout/edtbuf.cpp // LTNOTE: what the fuck. This crashes sometimes??
// we are fucked! try something different.
ns/lib/layout/edtele.cpp // if we get an Exception in this loop, the tree is fucked up!
// out of memory, we are really fucked.
ns/lib/layout/layblock.c /* Get the OVERFLOW attribute. (Fuck yuo, W3C. Fuck you.) */
ns/lib/layout/laytext.c /* we're long aligned, write the sucker */
ns/lib/layout/laytable.c * Prevent idiots who set colspan=20000000
* width then we grow the sucker.
ns/lib/libcnv/writegif.c /* evil globals to satisfy the PBMPLUS library crap that I stole this from*/
ns/lib/libmime/mimehdrs.c # define terry_has_lost_his_mind_and_also_macs_suck 0
ns/lib/libmime/mimei.c /* #### TOTAL FUCKING KLUDGE.
/* "Object oriented? Fuck that shit! Pabst Blue Ribbon!" --Dennis Hopper */
Life sucks when you don't properly think out things that end up turning
ns/lib/libmisc/bkmks.c /* fuck bogus type. Who knows what's going on. Just quit and get out */
ns/lib/libmsg/msgcpane.h /* This sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks. */
ns/lib/libmsg/msgdbvw.cpp // Because HPUX10 native compiler sucks, and we suck (for using ints instead
ns/lib/libmsg/msgglue.cpp // They'll never fix the damned warnings. To hell with quality:
ns/lib/libmsg/msgpane.cpp // will result in a general "Piss on you complaint" and bring you back to the
ns/lib/libmsg/newshost.cpp // first of all, this sucks. And second, no need to diddle folder pane
ns/lib/libmsg/prsembst.cpp /* More fucking const short-circuitry... */
ns/lib/xp/xp_tracker.c /* this sucks to research the hash table, but I don't want to eat more */
ns/lib/mac/MacMemoryAllocator/src/StdCLevel.c /* now, if we don't have any memory, then we really suck */

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