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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Savior - movie

Turned on ZMZ yesterday and saw that there was some war movie going on. Glimpses itself showed that it could be a decent movie, worth spending sometime watching.
soldiers are all over the place, hiding,shooting planning etc.Saw the signs of UN and thought that it could be UN peace keeping force in act at some war torn nation.
A scene was, a soldier taking rest in his camp and sees a young girl coming, he emphatically and calls her to have chewin gum. She gives a smiles and throws some object at him and runs away. Blast!
Next scene was two soldiers captivating two people and take them in a car, one soldier ( the main character called Guy) drops in between and moves up a hill and takes aim at some bridge. The Car stops near the bridge and people are exchanged on the either sides. The soldier who got down is carefully watching all the people from the hill top. The focus is on a pregnant woman.( I began to think that she could also be carrying a bomb). But later, the women is taken along in a car with these two soldiers; one of them is a native and asks her to speak with him. They speak serb. She refuses and the soldier begins to harass, kick the pregnant women in her stomach. The woman shouts that he is coming out and the brutal soldier cares no more and is ready to shoot the baby in the womb. The Guy sitting in his car and watching, asks him to stop this and he does not seem to understand, Guy kills this soldier.
The Woman is already suffering and is at the verge of the delivery. Guy helps the woman deliver her child. He shows the woman his child and while cleansing the blood of the new-born, the mother is ready to shoot herself. Guy prevents this and takes them both to their home.

Guy now plays the savior of the Mother and the baby. He is one who speaks English and woman does not speak to him for a long time. Her father and brother,trace her to kill the mother and the child, they end up injuring this soldier and she protects him and speaks with him in English for the first time.

They return to see her family capivated and most of people in the town killed.

Guy takes the pledge of saving the mother and the child and when the plan for returning to a safer place, the tram which is carry people and which the woman has boarded so that she could carry along Guy and her baby along the way is captivated by soldiers and all the passengers are killed ( some brutally by hitting with a sledge on head). Mother sings her lullaby to make her child silent (who is hiding with Guy nearby); she is also hit in her head and dies.

Guy with great efforts manages to save the child. He cries and seeks rest.

Well, this was my view, the reviews tell the story reasonably and with lot of other details. Worth watching.

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